MWe’re changing the world with technology! It has been a thunderbolt ever since the Industrial Revolution of the mid-18th century.

Though apparently, the Tech-age has been exceeding our humanity as quoted by Einstein. Well! The latest to leap on is the ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE.

Its gradual discovery has been creating amazement world over, be it Health, IT, social service sector, governance, art, photography, construction, legal affairs.

We’re talking about AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY here. It’s a fancy these days.

Photography is an invention with light and time as its raw materials. A famous enthusiast was heard quoting that a photo isn’t taken, it is humbly borrowed.

What is Aerial Photography?

Taking airborne imagery with the help of an aircraft or a flying robotic object is considered as Aerial photography. The cameras that are mounted are activated through remote controls or automatically in some cases, whatever suits the best.

This idea as a discipline was first practiced by this French photographer called Nadir while flying in a hot air balloon. It slowly came into the rage and got modified to reduce human indulgence.

Today, this domain is practiced with the profound use of Artificial Intelligence and various other sciences.

Use of Drones

It’s an unmanned aerial vehicle also known as unmanned aircraft system. Aerial Photography at present is done through this mode.

How to get the best cameras:

  1. Should be mobile and portable.
  2. Must have a house for a max number of cameras.
  3. A good design would be appreciable.
  4. Should space 4k resolution.
  5. It must be handy
  6. Steady and quick image stabilization
  7. It must notify the legal areas where it can take flight.

The Best ones are:

No wonder DJI and Parrot rule skies.

  1. DJI MAVIC AIR: It’s hard not to love it. Not that it is inexpensive, but it gives the best value for money. 4k video at 60 frames per second, it’s got 21minute battery life
  2. DJI MAVIC 2 PRO: It does neat tricks, brighter pictures, one inch CMOS sensor. It’s a premium drone, you might be lucky to get special deals
  3. Parrot Anafi: small size, as light as a bug, gives the most alluring snaps, mostly good for selfie fans, works like a smart drone forming parabolas, boomerang, tornado etc.
  4. DJI INSPIRE ONE: amazing range, affordable, 15 – 20 minutes flight. It is upgradeable, hence no worries of obsolete investments.
  5. Zero tech dobby: one of the smallest sized drones, easily executable, smooth landings and takeoffs, though it gets vague in storms but gives one hell of a performance on a calm day.
  6. Yunic typhoon H: for recreational and business purposes, it serves as the best option. 360-degree gimble photography.
  7. Go-Pro Karma: foldable drone, compatible with hero 4 and hero 5 cameras.
  8. Autel X-star Premium: trackable, hard to be lost, autopilot modes, works both for android and ios through star link app, it can stream HD live from up to 1.2 miles.

While investing money in technology, homework and research must be crisp and complete to avoid being tricked, and in emerging times like today photographs, open doors into the past and also allow a glimpse into the future. Aerial photography is the new wonder. But one should be aware of not getting into illegal transgressions.

With drones in the mainstream now, pictures can politely chisel out an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.