Why should you hire a professional drone company?

Do you live on the Gold Coast and want to fly a drone to help you with your business? Then it is a good idea to hire a licensed and CASA certified pilot. The idea is simple, the Gold Coast has many areas where you are not allowed to fly a drone legally. There have been a number of incidents on the Gold Coast of drone-related accidents due to unqualified pilots who do not take use the correct procedures.

If you are in need of aerial photography or video, it’s a very good idea for you to hire a professional, no matter if you want to do drone work for personal or commercial use.

The drone operators at ProFlight are all helicopter pilots who have years of experience in aerial photography and aerial video. ProFlight is also Civil Aviation Safety Authority approved (casa) and fully insured with 20 million dollars public liability. Plus,
you have to think about safety. Only the licensed and certified drone pilots know how to handle a drone regardless of the location and weather conditions. Aerial and video photography is very technical and you need a reliable pilot that’s certified and licensed to operate drones. This way you get to avoid any potential safety issues, not to mention the videos and images you can capture will be delivered at the best possible quality. Here at Proflight, we offer aerial photography and cinematography for;
individual portfolio pieces, TV production, documentaries, boat reviews, above ground surveying, real estate aerial shooting and many more.

In addition, there are dedicated drone pilots that already have certifications and who do this for a living. Qualified drone pilots are much harder to find on Gold Coast than major capital cities. There are approximately 600 certified pilots in Australia but there are far more unqualified individuals who own a drone. If you need aerial photography and video work, it is best to choose a qualified and certified aerial company like Pro Flight.

Our drone pilots will make sure that your drone is suitable for drone photography and any other desired activity. They will also take care of drone maintenance, not to mention the pilot will be able to operate your drone to best suit the specific situation. This provides you with the efficiency and support you may need for your project.

All licensed and certified drone pilots can be hired for both personal and commercial use. They can handle any type of drone piloting tasks. In order to receive this certification, the pilots have to go through accuracy, safety and proficiency tests. So yes, they can easily handle this entire process and the results are of very high quality.

Avoiding accidents while also being able to capture high-quality pictures and videos are more than enough to hire a professional drone pilot. The pilot knows all Civil Aviation requirements and he will stick to them. This way you don’t have to worry about anything, and you can just enjoy the event or experience and focus on what you do best! This means the pilot will handle everything while you get to spend your time managing your business or project.

Technical issues are the primary issue when it comes to civilian drone incidents. A licensed and certified drone pilot will know all the current regulations. Plus, if you want to perform drone-based deliveries, a pilot is indeed needed for this type of task. In the end, hiring a drone pilot is the best option if you want to avoid any issues and obtain high quality results. Rest assured that the cost is worth it, as you are working with a true professional!