Aerial Photography

ProFlight offers a variety of Aerial Photography Services across the Gold Coast and Brisbane, with a fleet of drones suitable for a variety of projects we have all your aerial photography needs covered. From Real Estate and Business aerial photography through to construction site and product aerial photography our team are professional and reliable. Being a CASA licensed UAV operator and holding 20 million dollars public liability gives no risk to you or your job site. Our team is made up of Commercial and Private helicopter pilots that combined have thousands of hours aviation experience ensuring a safe completion to every project.
Real Estate Aerial Photography Gold Coast

Real Estate

Real estate companies can greatly benefit from aerial photography because the true shape, size, and layout of a home can be properly captured. For potential buyers who want to see the home and its property as a whole, aerial photography does the best job of showing true layout and dimensions.



Aerial shots of resorts and outdoor amenities are perfect for the resort website. One of the first things potential visitors look at when visiting a resorts website is photos; they want to see exactly what they might be paying for. In order to give your future guests the most accurate portrayal, upload a beautiful aerial shot of the resort. Doing so will give potential visitors the best sense of how the resort is set up.

Construction of Harbour Town

Construction Sites

Construction companies can benefit greatly from aerial photography in a few different ways. If an investor wants to see the progress of a particular project, an aerial shot would best portray the work that has been completed. Investors want to see progress, not be told that progress has occurred. In order to show them that the job is underway, show them an aerial photograph. Through aerial photography, no corners can be cut and the smallest details can be captured.


Marketing & branding

The previous are only a few of the many ways specific businesses can use aerial photography to their advantage. On a broader spectrum, all companies and businesses can use aerial photography for marketing and branding purposes. It is rare that photographs are shot from an aerial vantage point. Since they are so rare, most people find their eyes drawn to shots with a bird’s eye view. Any business can increase it’s visual appeal by utilizing unique aerial photography. Branding strategies can also be greatly influenced by this type of photography.

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