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Are you looking for professional time-lapse photography? Our time-lapse services offer the latest remote management time-lapse equipment suitable for many environments.  Time Lapse is a great way to show progress over a small or large period of time and produced a final short video, using time-lapse for construction sites, house construction, building construction, events and much more is a great way to show progress to management companies or for use across social media and websites.

* 100% solar powered is based on a maximum of 5-minute photo intervals, any less than this require a 240v connection. ** Directly uploading to Dropbox in minutes depends on 3G/4G availability in the area, an alternative solution is batch uploading at night or connecting to camera system via ethernet, or locally storing imagery

  • Fast 4G Uploading
  • Live Time Lapse View From Anywhere with our custom portal
  • White label portal with your branding
  • Custom sub domain name white label i.e. timelapse.yourdomain.com
  • 3 Axis Angle Adjustment For The Perfect Shot
  • 100% Solar Powered (No Power Required)*
  • 64GB + 16GB Onboard Backup Of Images
  • Directly Linked To Dropbox To View Picture Files Within Minutes**
  • Latest Nikon Cameras With Sigma Lenses
  • Remote Management To Adjust Settings, Timing Intervals Etc
  • 3 Days Onboard Battery Backup For Blackouts

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